Enterprise Intranet
Manage your company efficiently at any size using software which streamlines and formalises tasks, administration and information

Membership Management
Created for enterprises to efficiently manage membership details including contact details and financial

Workflow Management
Create and follow the processes needed in your company, tthe Workflow software accurately helps to show the flow and efficiency of processes.


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Online Calendar System Software

The online calendar software allows you to schedule events in your company, create calendars for staff to be invited to calendar events, integrating Human Resources, Leave and staff events as well as the client contact base. Use the online calendar to  plan  annual meetings, end year function and team building events as well as keep records of previous meeting dates, places and times. 


  • Customised online company calendar
  • Colour coded calendars for easy viewing
  • Online Calendar software used to organize personal, corporate, social and group events
  • Calendar software does unique calendar creations for individual users and groups
  • Recording contact information of clients / events and link to calendars
  • Set up for public holidays on hte calendar software 
  • Does online boardroom bookings
  • Records details of client contacts
  • Records event creator

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