Enterprise Learner Management System
Tailored for the Enterprise, providing induction and employee personal development plans with learning programmes, assessment and eLearning.

College Learner Management System
Created for colleges, to manage all student registrations and enrollments along with tracking of attendance, marks, finances and much more

Small Training Institution LMS
A classroom scheduling and booking system along with a CRM system to track leads.

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EduAssess online quiz and assessment software

As an assessor, or trainer you can add online assessments, quizzes and online exams to your training material. The EduAsses Management software combines different types of questions into the quiz, test or exam which is, easily accessible online for the learner. The EduAssess online Assessment software allows the learner to access the quiz or assessment online, or via their emails. Learners can be scholars, day students, online students and employees.

Feature Summary

  • Develop and run online exams, assessments, quizzes 
  • Auto marking or assessor marked according to question type 
  • Assess knowledge and understanding of the material 
  • Created different TYPES of questions eg. Use true and false / yes and no questions, multiple choice 
  • Label diagrams - auto-marked 
  • Create essay questions - assessor marked 
  • Track marks as the student progresses through the assessments / quiz 
  • Add questions withiito the training material when usine EduTrain to ensure ongoing training 
  • Use videos or images inside the questions 
  • Have your uniques logo on the assessment page 
  • Examination software 
  • Use question branching or piping to drill into weak areas or ask different questions based on student or participant responses 
  • Drill into data to get powerful information via powerful reports 
  • Feedback options for the student feedback 
  • Time limitations option 
  • Unmarked / marked option 
  • Assessments are created in a hierarchical structure to creates content into course, exams, libraries and assessments 
  • Libraries of assessments can be reused in different categories eg a library from an assessment in X can be used in course Y. 
  • Ability to manually add comments to question / answers section

Library questions can be reused

  • Questions are stored in libraries, these libraries can be linked into EduTrain courses, and be reused in multiple relevant libraries 
  • Libraries can be searched for according to category and libraries for easy access. 
  • Content stored in logical places to create access 

Integration into other Intoweb software modules

EduAssess online software integrates easily in the other software products

Scheduling of exams

  • Students can be scheduled individually or as groups
  • Notifications of and links to assessments are emailed or sent out via sms using the sms module

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