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The Intoweb HR System, called inHR, sits on the Intoweb platform alongside 70 other modules

Enterprise inHR
The Enterprise version of the Intoweb HR system provides a complete end to end solution for all large companies HR needs, with very large staff complements, many branches, and even international presences.

Small Business inHR
A SaaS cost effective simple HR system for small businesses.

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Timesheets Records Management System

The Timesheets records managment software has been designed for tracking of the activities  of employees regarding how the time was spent according to the project and client.The Timesheets records shows information regarding the client, project per client and whether the estimated time to complete the project was realistic. The employee and employer can evaluate how the time was spent and implement changes accordingly. The timesheets records help to ascertain whether the current time spent on the project is in relation to the cost, and thus helps to save money should corrective measures be put in place. 


What are the benefits of using Intoweb's Time and Attendance System?

  • The Timesheet records can be as standalone software, or can be easily integrated into the full Human Resource System
  • Running online, access to the Timesheet records are accessible worldwide, as long as there is internet access. Employees that are not int eh office therefore can still log their time and attendance records.
  • Fully customisable, the Timesheet software can be customised to suit the company needs. 
  • The Timesheet Module can be fully integrated to any of the other Intoweb Systems


Administrative Features

  • Administrators of the department can set up default working times.
  • Manageres can report on employees per projects. 
  • Reports can be drawn daily per employee, or per project. 

User Features

  • Users of the timesheets can add in the times per project done on a real time basis. 

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