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Task Management System

The Task Management Software allows for the efficient and effective management of projects throughout the time span the task is open. For example, the task can go through different stages and employees. This can all be recorded by the Task Management System , which also notifies each employee once the task has been moved onto his task list.


Intoweb's Online Task Management Software

  • Can be purchased as a standalone version, or as part of the bigger intranet
  • Can be customised to suit your business requirements for Task Management
  • Can be used for small, medium or large businesses
  • The Task Management Software operates online, thus giving real time access to tasks and access to the module.


The Task Managment Module features are

  • Creating Projects which are broken down into tasks and these are delegated to the appropriate resources.
  • Tasks have a start and deadline date that can be applied
  • Task Management Progress reports 
  • Employees or resources are allocated tasks and thus record information of the tasks. 
  • Email or other notifications are sent to the resource / employee
  • The tasks are clearly show as to who is doing which task. 
  • Tasks are prioritised according to urgency
  • Tasks are given status eg pending us, pending client, not started, completed etc
  • Completed tasks can be seen or taken off the list view according to the check boxes ticked
  • Time allocation per task measures productivity and can be used for billing purposes
  • Tasks can be set according to a hierarchy system allowing managers control over tasks and notififying managers where necessary


  • Email notifications from the task managment system are sent to employees when tasks are added to their task list.
  • Notification reminders are sent out regarding tasks not completed
  • If it seems that tasks are not handled, a notification will be sent to the administrator of the Task Management System.

Other features

  • Reports according to selected filters
  • Tasks can be viewed per milestone and per project / per client
  • Task tracking
  • Continuous communication re the task and client using the notes system allows for effective communication
  • Optional billing per task

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