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Online Membership Management System Software

Intoweb's membership management system is an online interface where members can login and manage their details, access documents and view their membership payment history. The membership management system manages the membership process from application, to invoicing and providing access to the information they need. The members portal is publicly available and can be accessed from websites, and is access rights controllled. 

Each member has their own unique and secure login and password to access their information, enabling them to update contact their details and view items pertaining to them. 


Features of the membership management software

  • Security - Access is strictly controlled according to the rights allowed with levels of access rights eg a public view user cannot access the administrative area
  • Online Calendar - showing years, months, weeks and years the calendar shows the events loaded on the software with the details of these events
  • Membership Application - Membership applications are done online.
  • Members Login Portal - Members access their own dashboard showing the member's news, notices, events, and information 
  • Members Documents - Members have access to documents pertaining to them, such as membership information, course information. These member's documents are also access controlled allowing for security and privacy of their information. Documentation is viewed according to user righst access, where some information is alos public such as courses for members, upcoming events etc. Adding documentation to the system requires user access rights to protect the membership management system as well as the member's personal information. 
  • Reports - Reports can be drawn according to various categories. eg The "New Members Report" will show new members for a date range and their status.
  • Income Report - report on all income regarding memberships
  • Member Application Report - Reports on the steps a memberships is at ie tracking the membership application process.
  • Search feature - Different search feature allow for different results. Members use the search to find their documentation. The search feature for Executive or administrative persons access the members database and helps to search for members
  • Yearly Member Updates - Automatically ask members to update their profile or to confirm details each year.
  • Survey tool for members and public users can acccess the Survey tool which is set up by the adminstrators
  • Member Export - Import and export of members details via CSV files. 
  • Online Discussion Forums - Accessible to discuss topics, areas are designated for members or for public discussion/view.
  • Invoicing - Generate invoices and statements for members
  • Payment Management - track payments, invoices and statements to manage all members payments

The membership management system work well for associations, institutes, clubs, churches, company clients, publications and not for profit orgisations.

How does the purchasing and payment for the Membership Management Software work?

Two purchase options exist:

  • Purchase Membership Management software
  • Hosted online rental solution

(Churches and not for profit organisation can obtain the system for R1000+vat per month)