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A large portion of Durban’s economy stems from the agricultural sector, namely sugar cane. Intoweb Durban offers a wide verity of business solutions that can cater for Sugar Cane Process Management.

The processing of sugar cane is not a one step process and requires vehicles and staff. Intoweb Durban offers a vehicle management platform to manage all the vehicles involved in your day-to-day business. Time and attendance to accurately log working hours of workers across multiple sites or stations, combined with our online leave package forms the basis of a Sugar Cane Process Management platform.

Adding Intoweb Durban’s payroll platform can enhance Sugar Cane Process Management even further, all our solutions integrate meaning that not only do you have up-to-date information but you receive the benefit of having leave automatically allocated and deducted as well as reflecting automatically in the Payroll.

Often in Sugar Cane Process Management, forms need to be filled in and filed and certain stages, Intoweb Durban offers a state of the art Workflows platform where custom forms can be created and automatically passed on the relevant persons as well as the document and information being digitally secure.

With multiple staff its often hard to guarantee that all staff have seen, read and understood any new company policy’s, while our Policy enforcement module at Intoweb Durban offers a way to push out new company policy’s revolving around Sugar Cane Process Management and making sure you have a full report on who has and who has not read and understood the policy’s.

Intoweb Durban also offers Supplier `Management and Customer Relationship Management to help you mange the third party’s in you Sugar Cane Process Management. Not to mention our phenomenal Collaboration System that lets you keep your entire company abreast of corporate news and notices, take company wide polls and CEO blogs.

Once you add all these platforms that Intoweb Durban has to offer to Sugar Cane Process Management you have a central platform that will save you time, money and help you manage your company.

To set up an appointment with one of our Durban sales staff for a detailed analysis of your Intranet needs, contact Garth Van Der Woude on 031 767 4059 or 072 460 9831.

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