Enterprise Learner Management System
Tailored for the Enterprise, providing induction and employee personal development plans with learning programmes, assessment and eLearning.

College Learner Management System
Created for colleges, to manage all student registrations and enrollments along with tracking of attendance, marks, finances and much more

Small Training Institution LMS
A classroom scheduling and booking system along with a CRM system to track leads.

College Learner Management System

The online learning software creates a platform for colleges staff, lecturers and students. The College software is designed to be used as full time or part time training, and very effective for online distance learning. The software modules can be used as stand-alone or comprehensive College solution. 

Edutrain Online Learning for Colleges

As an online eLearning content delivery system, the content is presented as slides, or power points and pdf downloads. Training is tracked using progress through the slide material. e Learning material is delivered online and is interactive in using videos, animations and images. 

Each student is given a unique user name and password via email or sms (using the sms integration software), allowing them unique access to their material. This means that each student can have their own unique course or programme on which they are enrolled, or a class can be bulk enrolled in a set programme. As an online student portal, it means that staff can also upgrade their training as a student, using their personalized student access passwords.

  • The eBook facility is a useful addition for students able to print out or download the information from the college elearning system. 
  • eLearning content can be combined with classroom training and SCORM.
  • Courses are available in mobi format allowing for student training on the run! This is also useful for students with no access to a desktop or laptop.
  • The student no longer has excuses for not attending classes! Many fast food outlets have free wifi access for a limited time. 
  • Courses have SAQA NQF levels and credits attached to the courses.

EduAssess Online Assessments:

  • Online assessments create ongoing learning as the assessments can be interspersed in the online learning.
  • Available as standalone assessment software or in the comprehensive LMS package
  • Assessments can be auto-marked or assessor marked. those that are automarked are multiple choice, true and false, yes / no questions, labelling diagrams.
  • Quizzes / assessments set as essay or short answer type questions are assessor marked. 
  • Assessor have access to add comments to questions  marked
  • Assessments are set according to how many attempts are allowed to prevent cheating.
  • Setup options allow for assessements to be timed or untimed.
  • Assessments can be accessed anywhere anytime as long as there is internet connection. Students can access the assessments on the EduCentre portal online, or via their email when used as an independent module.
  • Assessments can include videos, animations, images
  • Online staff assessments can be created for company training to keep up to date with necessary information. 

EduClass -  Online Classroom Booking Software

Book student lectures on a specialised calendar 

EduCentre - Student Dashboard

The EduCentre dashboard for the students shows the courses they are enrolled on, with the option to add images per programme, course and per chapter, as well as other communication that the college or educational institution wants the student to have such as how to use the elearning. The online student portal allows updated and regular communication which is loaded by the College System Administrator.

Colleges can personalise the dashboard with logos and information according to their colours, courses.

EduLearn system - Enrolling and Reporting Software for colleges

  • This college software handles the enrolling of students and tracking of their records, reporting of marks attained in the training material. 
  • Students can be enrolled in multiple courses per year, while courses are set per year. 
  • Learner books for submissions can be downloaded and re uploaded on the student portal allowing for the students to complete pratical assignments to complete the course. 
  • All marks and tracking is centralised on the elearning software, coming together on the student reporting side.
  • Reports are done according to subject and class per year
  • Draw student reports per subject and per year
  • Reports in PDF showing marks for assessments, and practical journals or learner workplace logbooks

EduFin - Student Finances

The EduFin software for colleges is used for tracking student payments, moneys owed and moneys paid, as well as the means of payment. EduFin is used for creating student invoices, reporting on outstanding student payments and keeps records of students payments online, accessible remotely as well. 

Student Contacts Software Module 

The Contacts module contains the contact details of the students, links to the LMS to enroll students as well as the student security profile where the student's login details are recorded. The student has access to their profile to update information which is authorised by the system administrator (the lecturer / teacher) to prevent information disappearing! It contains the student email information to which notification emails are sent and login information. Assessment access is also sent to this email address should the assessing software be used as a stand-alone module.