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Learn the following:


  • Techniques to progress and develop your career
  • Become more productive and work more intelligently
  • Obtain a comprehensive business education
  • Learn how to manage and be a successful manager
  • Acquire professional management expertise
  • Business strategies
  • Leadership
  • Accounting and finance
  • Human resource management
  • Marketing
  • Economics
What is this course?

The Mini MBA will guide students through all the aspects covered in a standard MBA degree offered at any top business school. The course focuses on communicating the essence of what a standard MBA degree offers but in format that is more accessible and that is available as a correspondence course for those without the time to submit to a full time course. For those that have already obtained an MBA degree the course will serve as a handy refresher course and practical exercise.

How does the course work?

The course is split into six modules of four to five sections each. Each section is designed to require about one hour of reading work and two hours of work. The course is designed to be completed over a 26 week period with the student dedicating at least three hours per week to each module, but can be completed sooner.

What is the course duration?

The course is designed to be completed over a 26 week period with the student dedicating at least three hours per week to each module. However, because we understand the time constraints on working individuals, you will have access to the course for 1 year. If you are unable to complete the course during this time, we can extend your access for 6 months and charge an extension fee of R750 (excl VAT) .

What sort of course is it, i.e. Diploma, Certificate or what?
The Mini MBA course is a certificate course accredited through Intoweb. We are a training facility.

Will I need any textbooks, or are they included?
The textbook will be mailed to you and is included in the cost of the course.

Where will I write exams?
There is no exam. Students are expected to complete an assignment for each section (26 in total). The average mark of all the assignments will determine the final mark.

What is the extent of the course in relation to a full MBA?
The Mini MBA is designed for people who cannot take three years out of their life to take a full MBA course and cannot match a full three year MBA. The course challenges the student in 26 different business topics normally be covered in a full MBA. It provides the student with the opportunity to learn how much there is to know about business and how to do business. It is a good practical course that tries to pack a lot of information into a short course while tackling the same issues as a full MBA.

The Mini MBA expects students to read 26 chapters of material and answer questions for each chapter. An assignment per chapter is also set to challenge students to apply what they have learnt to the work environment.

More details on the content of the Mini MBA can be found here.

Is the course accredited and through an educational institute?
The course is accredited through Intoweb. We are a training facility.

Is this course an internet or on-line course only or can I get study materials from the institute? 
This is a correspondence course. We do have a campus is Kyalami and students are welcome to pick up the study material in Kyalami or have it delivered.

What sort of student support is available?
Students are able to communicate with the professor via the website for guidance or assistance where necessary.

How will this course help me as a businessman?
The Mini MBA is an overview analysis of what people need to know about business. Many people learn about business the hard way. An MBA course is the perfect solution to help people tap into areas of business where their skills may be lacking. Most business men know that common sense is important for many business decisions but without the proper knowledge of each field common sense is not enough. Without thorough knowledge of all fields a person may try to steer away from areas in which their experience is lacking or simply ignore them.

The Mini MBA aims to equip people with the basic skills and knowledge in each of the 26 areas of business. The assignments provide students with practical, real life examples and guidance to learning how business works hands-on.

The Mini MBA is not as comprehensive as a full MBA degree but it does try to take the more practical aspects of business into account by forcing students to analyse their own business. The course is ideally suited for business owners or individuals that are forced to work in more than one field of business. Managers of larger companies can also find benefit from the course as it provides a good overview of what is involved in business and how to successfully fulfill their role in business.

This course requires dedication and commitment to complete in the 26 week period. Upon completion of the course students will be much better equipped to deal with the many issues facing people in the business world today and be able to take what they have learned to make their businesses a success.

I seem to sitting at 65% and less, how can I achieve higher results?

There are a few reasons that you are achieving this mark namely:

  • You are only giving me some of the information about the subject that is contained in the text book and in some cases the information and explanations are not totally correct in the way that you have explained them. You need to make very sure that you really understand the meaning of what is being asked in the exercise or assignment and what is said in the book.
  • In the second place you are not adding any additional information or examples that indicate that you can relate what you have learned to your actual work situation. Try and find some applications of what you learn into the work that you do and this will help you and the business.
  • Thirdly there is no indication that you have made use of the Internet or discussions with one or more of your bosses or supervisors or anyone else that could add to what you have learned from the book. By entering into discussions with other people that are in management you will gain a greater insight into what you have learnt.
  • Fourthly there are a number of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors that have slipped into what you have submitted. Use a spell ckecker and also read the work through again before submitting and this will also improve your results.

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