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Process Flow Management

Intoweb’s Process Flow Management system is designed to manage any kind of process a company follows on a regular basis. Examples are enquiries, complex application processes and streamlining of operations. Paper based processes are thus eliminated by automating the flow a process must take, and streamlining the requirements for that process. Intoweb normally provides professional services to setup these processes for companies.


  • Create forms with all kinds of data input methods.
  • Forms automatically link with contacts and companies.
  • Groups of forms can be combined.
  • Email Templates.
  • PDF Templates.
  • Process creation using steps (tasks, forms, decision trees, meeting setup, dates, documentation, verification, emails, etc)
  • Meeting requests and calendar management.
  • Dynamic Reports. 
  • Setup of roles (groups of people)


When handling applications, the system allows for users to submit forms in form groups. Users can fill in information at different times, until submission.

The application is taken through various decision trees, verification processes and different paths may thus be taken.

Email feedback and email alerts can be sent out throughout the process. Meetings can be set up and accepted and attended. Feedback from meetings and notes can be entered at any stage.


The system uses the Intoweb framework, which includes anti-spamming, anti-illegal file uploading and anti-SQL injection, and various other security techniques.

The authorized company supplier officers need to log onto the system using a secure username and password in order to process information.


Dynamic Reports where each field in a form can be set as a search field and fields can also be marked to be listed in reports.

System Intergration

The Process Flow Management System can be fully integrated with the Intoweb Assessment system, calendar system, CRM, members management and quotation systems.

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