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Document Management System

Intoweb offers corporate grade secure document management software including workflows, employee general areas, restricted areas and various EDMS features.

Document Scanning Services

In conjuction with document management software, Intoweb offers a document scanning service from A4 to A0. We provide exceptional door to door service and will setup your company so that all documentation can be found via various indexing methods using the document mangement software. 

The DMS module can be fully integrated into all Intoweb's other modules such as dashboard access, induction, content management, project management, CRM, etc.


  • Creating and uploading new company documentation
  • Storing personal documentation
  • Searching for existing documentation
  • Tracking electronic documentation
  • Storing documents
  • Retrieving the electronic documents from the storage
  • Storing and accessing company policies
  • Create workflows
  • Draw up reports regarding the documentation
  • Accesses templates for documentation

Inside the DMS

Folders are created which then contain files. These can be found using the search option. The creator (owner) of the file determines who may see the documentation, whether in a group or as a shared document. 

New editions to the information can be loaded, with previous copies stored on the data-base. Workflows can be set up and are flexible as they are task specific and person specific. These include the due date and are emailed automatically to the person concerned.


Security rights are according to job description and will be managed by the system administrator. These determine accessibility to the links and documents. The rights are as follows: 

The person writing the document is also automatically the owner and can decide who may have access to the documentation by selecting the rights. Documents can also be shared between people giving only those people access to them. Security rights also determine which files can be accessed and which are confidential.