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Home office computer needs

What type of hardware and software does my home office need to get started and what can I do to upgrade the current equipment I have. Home and Small Office needs can grow according to the amount of people employed and the company types, but the basic home or small business computer needs will be the following (Checklist provided for you to print and use)

The basic home office setup will need to include-

  • Laptop/desktop

  • Keeping records of your leads and the conversations you have with them

  • Emails

  • Document Management

  • Calendar Management with Outlook and per intranet

  • Spreadsheets eg Excel

  • Word documentation for correspondence, letterheads

  • Paint/GIMP

  • Paint shop pro

  • Power point applications

  • Adobe reader for PDF documents


Office 365 is cloud based giving you access to your information wherever you are, as long as you have your pass codes and internet access. For more information on why Office 365 works please see this article 


Other small business software:

  • HR records = Software as a service gives you the option of a month to month basis for your staff, keeping records of contact details

  • Leave management – staff leave is automatically calculated and can be fed into the payroll

  • Payroll – Keep records or salaries, with PAYE, UIF and SDL automatically calculated and added with your company design.

  • CRM and Invoicing– keep records of your leads, add in quotes and invoices to send to clients and see who owes you money. Following up your clients is made so much easier! 

Software for communicating with clients and suppliers

  • Skype

  • Email

  • Conference call facilities

  • Calendar management and reminders

  • Tools for creating advertising / marketing material

  • Internet Connectivity 

Marketing tools:

Paint shop pro

GIMP or Paint software which can help you create basic graphics for letter heads, logos and business cards. Click here for more information on free print design software. 

Hardware for small businesses and home offices:

  • Laptop and laptop bags

  • Monitors

  • SSD Drive

  • Mouse

  • Printer

  • Scanner

For setting up or computer networks, connecting your network to to the internet, and information on which products are reliable and long lasting, contact


Sudhashen from Tech Cloud small business IT support who specialises in IT support for small businesses - https://techcloud.co.za


Tech Cloud IT support does

  • Office 365 and Outlook support
  • Hardware upgrades and hardware consultations
  • Email setup
  • Network connections and data back ups and data recovery
  • for small businesses and focusses on home offices and small businesses in Midrand, Centurion, Fourways, Sunninghill and Johannesburg.

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