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When looking for a Learnership Management Software system, you expect a system that manages courses & course content in a way that saves a company time, increase learner participation and commitment through an enjoyable learning experience; and utilize various forms of training, activating as many senses as possible. This sounds like an incredible task to achieve in one system, yet Intoweb's Learnership Management Software system achieves all of the above and more . . . .

Create courses using your own content or acquire complete courses from many categories such as Microsoft Software (Word, Excel etc.) or various office soft skill courses and many more. Ensuring that learners have an enjoyable experience whilst getting the best results from their time spent learning, Intoweb's Learnership Management Software allows for various types of content to be utilized including screenshots with arrows and floating text, audio playing so the learner can read on screen while listening, video and multiple question tests & questionnaires.

By setting access rights in the Learnership Management Software, you restrict course participation to the relevant learners and courses can be assigned to specific learners or even whole departments. Furthermore you can attach due dates to specific courses and learners, thus ensuring that courses are completed in time and future courses can be better planned for and diarized.

Certificate Management is simplified with Intoweb's Learnership Management Software. Simply add your relevant certificates by scanning them into the system and assign them to the relevant courses. Once a course is completed by a learner, he receives an email with the specified certificate attached and he can also access the system to download all available certificates of courses completed.

Full reporting functionality is included in the Learnership Management Software system allowing for detailed reports on course attendance & completion, course results and course progress. More detailed reports are customized to the client's specific needs to include all relevant information management require.

A unique function included in our Learnership Management Software system is course notifications, notifying all learners of new courses assigned to them, informing learners of course due dates approaching, notifications sent to lecturers of courses completed by learners and various other notifications as required.

Live video streaming of lectures can be included as an extra feature for clients that require the facility, where training institutions would like to stream live lectures from their facilities to other branches or even to students that could not attend class for various reasons.

Probably the most amazing feature of Intoweb's Learnership Management Software system is it's e-learning capabilities, allowing for remote access to all course materials via the internet from anywhere in the world. This vastly expands a learning institutions reach to many areas previously not accessible.

Enhance your e-learning experience even further by combining your Learnership Management Software system with Intoweb's other EduLearn systems including:

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