Enterprise Learner Management System
Tailored for the Enterprise, providing induction and employee personal development plans with learning programmes, assessment and eLearning.

College Learner Management System
Created for colleges, to manage all student registrations and enrollments along with tracking of attendance, marks, finances and much more

Small Training Institution LMS
A classroom scheduling and booking system along with a CRM system to track leads.

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EduCentre online student portal

The eLearning Management System / EduTrain is an online platform that provides content to students / learners while tracking their progress and allowing for interactive learning. eLearning Management System will provide material to learner, and tracks their process while going through the material. Training Material is loaded as courses or modules and can be reused from different courses for different programmes to make the eLearning convenient and easy to use. Our eLearning Management System is designed to be mobile-friendly allowing easy access to material for student / learners.

  • EduLearn - Learner Managmement system - to provide their course overview, submission of assignments, and feedback from lecturers
  • EduTrain - eLearning courses they have access to
  • EduAssess - Assessments they must complete

Also, the EduCentre student portal caters for online registration of new students, in many different forms, and can also cater for the payment processes. Adding the CRM module will allow for the management of all student monthly payments, whether debit orders, credit cards or EFTs. Automatic invoicing and statements make administration much easier.

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