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The Intoweb HR System, called inHR, sits on the Intoweb platform alongside 70 other modules

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Time and Attendance Software

The Time and Attendance online software keeps track of employee attendance of employees, and the activities / tasks the time was spent on. There are features in place to allow for reporting according to projects, clients and how time was spent. The Time and Attendance Software helps the manager to track the time spent on a client and project, feeding through to cost per hour, per project. 

The Time and Attendance clock-in software can be linked to fingerprint biometrics, or other current systems available in your company. If you need an accurate record of times worked by employees, or contractors, request a demo of how the clock-in system works. The clock-in software is easy to use, allows the company HR department or administrator to access and control the reports, send reports to management, and identify staff inconsistencies. 

For contractors or shift workers, the time and attendance clock-in software allows the employer to keep track of what times are being worked, making payroll smooth and effortless while keeping your records complete.


  • The online Time and Attendance Software can be purchased as a standalone or as part of the Human Resource Suite software
  • The Time and Attendance Software runs online, giving around the clock access anywhere in the world, as long as you have internet conncetivity. Employees can clock in and out even when not in the office, and give more accurate time-work records. Employees can access their information at any time from any place
  • The online Time and Attendance Software module is fully customisable to suit the needs of your business
  • The Time and Attendance Software can be fully integrated into any of the other Intoweb Systems
  • Time and attendance / clock-in software can be integrated into biometric readers eg Fingerprinting


Administrative Features

  • Set up default working hours
  • System administrators can generate reports on work completed by an employee, project, and client
  • Draw a report to view the daily reports for each employee
  • Add the clock-in feature to see employee clock-in and clock-out times. 
  • The Time and Attendance Software can be integrated into most biometric access systems
  • Attendance is taken by the employee selecting their photo
  • A picture is taken of employees as they select their photo
  • GPS coordinates are loaded as the photo is clicked

User Features

  • Tasks
    • Create task lists
    • Assign the amount of time spent on each task
    • Track the total amount of time spent on tasks assigned to a specific employee
    • Receive task reminders
  • Daily Reports
    • Automatic email notifications are set up regarding times not added and a reminder to enter the report at the end of each day
    • Records the costs spent on each project with the project details
    • Generate reports and submit


Do you wonder when your employess come into work and are you tired of endless excuses as to why they have not clocked-in?

Click here for more information. 

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