Mobile Learning (mLearning) - Learning on the Go...

Mobi Learning is growing as fast as the mobile phone industry. It is an assumed fact that everything that is online, can be accessed using a Smart phone.

nteresting smartphone fact - 60% of all iPhone users say that they would rather die than give up their phone. 40% of all iPhone users would give up their coffee for their smartphones. 18% of all iPhone users are willing to stop bathing.


Mobile Learning

College students or companies giving staff courses using online training, whether it be the training material or online assessments can complete their courses online, using mobi technology and conversion to Smartphones

Smart phones have the same and more capabilities in some instances than the traditional desktop, while easily accessible to the user

Mobi online learning uses unique logins and passwords allowing for security, can give students access to the online training material, and shows the progress tracking of the material.

Mobile learning saves the student the expensive outlay of a laptop, while encouraging them to complete the work set out, saves time as it can be done while travelling or waiting in a waiting room. The only prerequisite is data or a wifi connection to download the course or information.

And, according to a forecast done by Ericssons, 80% of the world’s population are bound to be smartphone users, by the year 2021.

So, why are we harping on about this?

Another report tells us, that 4 out of 5 employees, access their work documents via their smartphone.

What are we saying? We are witnessing, a trend shift.

The trend shift towards -  mLearning.



What is mLearning?

Mobile learning, or mLearning, is the delivery of training or education materials or learning support on any mobile device (smartphone or tablet). Mobile learning allows people to learn virtually anywhere at anytime as long as they have a smartphone. It ultimately allows for ‘greater opportunity for timing, location, accessibility and context of learning’ (John-Harmen Valk et al.).

The thing about mLearning though, is it is entirely different, than eLearning. We consume content differently on our mobile phones, than laptops. We consume it while were on the move. So content needs to be concise, and to the point.

What makes mLearning Beneficial?

With mobile learning you can distribute content quickly..

Most people who have a smartphone, keep it with them regularly. And check it regularly too. With mobile learning, you can push a button, and have your entire learning audience, updated on in a second. Or you, can make an emergency change to your course, and have them view it seconds later too.

Mobile learning helps introduce new learning methods.

The education sector has seen great breakthrough in, new learning methods. There are now fun games on mobile apps that entice the student into a healthy thought process, and new and inventive ways of seeing things.

Mobile learning provides for all learning styles.

People learn differently. Mobile learning can provide for these, different ways of learning by providing educational material, in the following formats:

Mobile learning Increases engagement..

Sporadic mobile phone use - that sees the user spend large amounts of time on the internet, watching videos, surfing social media, watching new or just plain browsing the net  for information, is a norm these days. Think about the last time, you did this in the week? Mobile learning allows you to turn downtime into productivity, by throwing mLearning into the equation. Making for short and powerful bursts of productivity, where the user consumes, little chunks of information. Which is proven to be retained easier.

Mobile learning increases completion rate.

Because mobile learning courses can be completed quickly, any time and anywhere - this greatly increases the completion rate. Because of the short duration of mobile learning modules, learners do not feel overwhelmed and therefore want to complete the course Learners also tend to fish their mobile phones, out of their pockets whenever they have a few minutes free, to complete the modules, adding to the overall effectiveness of the completion rate.

Mobile learning exhibits clear qualities to facilitate better learning. Just as mobile technology has made life easier, and the world more accessible - so mobile technology expresses the same potential to do so with our learning programmes. With the rapid increase in the use of mobile devices, mobile learning will become an aid to organizations and provide better learning experiences to employees and students, alike.

Intoweb Online learning is available as mobi learning for all courses, downloads and assessments.

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