Multi-Branch, Multi-Departmental purchase request system with dynamic authorisation workflows integrated with budgets.

Supplier Management
Manage your suppliers in an efficient manner, keep complete records, record all interactions and ratifications of suppliers.

Quotations / Invoices
Create quotations and invoices and manage all aspects of the selling process.

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Quotes System

The Quote and Proposal system generates pre-populated quotes and proposals for the user's products. Proposals/ Quotes are generated in PDF format and can only be edited before authorisation. Once a document has been authorised, it can no longer be edited, a new proposal will need to generated with the new information.


The Module can

  • Create new proposals
  • Save new proposals onto the database
  • View already created proposals
  • Edit existing proposals
  • Puts security measures in place to authorize the proposal
  • Facilitates the printing and emailing of a proposal
  • Links the user to the setup of letterheads with company information such as company name and registration details, bank details and template settings
  • Integrates into the CRM module (client relations module) with customer information


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Ribbon with the links to the Quotes CRM system

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Quotes authorization page

Quotes setup page

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