Enterprise Learner Management System
Tailored for the Enterprise, providing induction and employee personal development plans with learning programmes, assessment and eLearning.

College Learner Management System
Created for colleges, to manage all student registrations and enrollments along with tracking of attendance, marks, finances and much more

Small Training Institution LMS
A classroom scheduling and booking system along with a CRM system to track leads.

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EduSkill helps employees create and record Personal Development Plans


  • Staff members create workspace skills plans
  • Requests and motivations are sent through managerial approval
  • Staff profiles are recorded and can be updated
  • Link into EduTrain and EduAssess to supply on online course content and evaluation

Records of training material provided

  • SAQA levels and NQF levels recorded
  • Historical data collection of previous training
  • Planned training inputting
  • Managerial authorisation of planned training
  • Current training updated

Training interventions details

In order to report on training intervention details, we will need database categories for:

  • Occupational Group
  • Type of Learning Programme
  • Skill priority
  • Training provider


  • Adding learnership offerings
  • Linking each person whom is taking a learnership

DTI Monthly Training Stats

Exported to Excel of all people training in a specific month


  • surname
  • first names
  • employee #
  • profit centre
  • demographics
  • start, end, duration costs
  • course name
  • intervention
  • category
  • credit
  • assessment

DTI spend stats

Exported to Excel of all race demographics.

  • Race
  • Gender
  • spend
  • categories
  • payroll
  • staff count
  • And ACI spend as total percentage of spend/payroll

Learnership agreement production


  • Preamble
  • Table of contents
  • Learnership details
  • Unit standards
    • Fundamental learning
    • Core Learning
    • Elective unit standard
  • Learner details
  • Parent or guardian details (not used)
  • Lead Employer details
  • Lead Training Provider Details
  • Terms and conditions of employment
  • Rights and Duties of the parties
  • Declaration of parties
  • Annexures
  • Signoff

Integrated Assessment Report

System to enter all individual Unit Standard assessment information, and achievement of credit.


  • Assessor comments
  • Moderator Comments
  • Formative and summative assessment of US
  • Report
  • Assessment
  • Outcomes
  • Level Outcomes

Statement of credits

Production of a statement of credits for an individual, and link to SAQA ID.

List of staff summary

Generation of an Excel formatted list of employees showing qualifications, level, and credits.

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