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Kiosk System

The Kiosk System is a touch screen interface which allows the user to access the various links of the Intranet through simple, clearly defined graphics. The Kiosk System makes use of an onscreen keyboard for any text inputs by the user. Examples of links that can be accessed through the kiosk.

  • CMS
    • Viewing Videos
    • Viewing Notices
    • Viewing Notes
  • Leave
    • Apply for leave
    • View leave status for the year
    • View leave applications
  • DMS
    • Viewing loaded documents on screen
  • HR
    • Viewing/editing employee information
  • Polls/ Surveys
    • Viewing polls/surveys
    • Voting on polls/surveys


  • The Kiosk window is broken into two halves. The top half displays videos, images, or text in a rotating fashion if no user is logged in
  • User-friendly button links
  • When logged in, the top half displays which user is currently logged in
  • Touch screen keyboard
  • Can be fully integrated into the other Intoweb intranet modules
  • Selected screen enlarges
  • Customised home page

Our Clients

Kyalami, Midrand Sales (HR / Intranet) 065 975 2052 / Sales (LMS / financial) 081 4366 799

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