inHR Base System
The Intoweb HR System, called inHR, sits on the Intoweb platform alongside 70 other modules

Enterprise inHR
The Enterprise version of the Intoweb HR system provides a complete end to end solution for all large companies HR needs, with very large staff complements, many branches, and even international presences.

Small Business inHR
A SaaS cost effective simple HR system for small businesses.

Human Resource Base System

The basic Human Resource software provides a small company with all the features they need to 


  • Each module can be used as a stand-alone system or as part of a bigger system that can be purchased according to the company's needs
  • Records and documents are kept and archived once the employee leaves and is disabled
  • Search for employees per company/ branch/department
  • Add new employess
  • Update details - employees can update their own details
  • Administrators authorise updated details
  • Add qualifications to the employee profile
  • Add medical and other information/notes
  • Record induction information
  • Track skills development
  • Record Incidents
  • Record perks and assets
  • View staff members in the company organogram


  • Keep up-to-date records of staff members
  • Keep records of ex-staff members
  • Record start date and termination dates with reasons for termination of each employee
  • Records bank and tax details 
  • Have next of kin details easily accessible for emergencies
  • Use the HR dashboard view of the staff in the company
  • Staff lists available per company and per branch
  • Staff details cannot be removed without approval of the HR personnel

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