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Intranet security measures 

Intranet security is a high priority to protect information, personal details and prevent unauthorised access to the Intranet software.

Intranet security measures are in place for all the Intranet modules and are automatically part of Intranet modules as standalone or as the full suite. Intranet software is becoming an essential for companies of all sizes.  

The Intranet software platform contains company information which can be accessible to users where there is an internet connection, and some software modules are available in mobi format. The intranet might contain valuable and sensitive data, with security measures in place to protect the informationand access to the information.

How does Intranet security work?

Intranet security protects the Intranet from outside hacks, viruses and protects the content and users from tampering. Intranet security is vital for private companies large corporations, colleges and clubs. 

Intranet security is achieved by strong passwords, ip range restrictions, and a tiered security model. Intoweb's Intranets have been created using backend development which is not available on any open source platform and uses unique access where each user has a single username and password. 

Intranet Security is essential in protecting against outside threats, as well as internal threats.

 With the software, the system is segmented with an internal virtual firewall between contacts (students or clients) and employee modules, and all administrative functions are protected using modular security levels. Certain Intranet software modules, like document management and payroll are further protected with another layer of security.

Does the Intoweb Intranet Security module cost extra?

No, the security software is part of the package. This means that when you purchase an Intranet module, the security software is automatically part of the package.

Intranet security against external threats

The Intranet software is protected against external hacking, malware and information, using anti-SQL injection technology.

Access control measure include:

  • Logins which are password and user-name protected and access is granted according to job description and rights, set out according to the needs of the company.

  • Intranet access is further secured with digital signatures for super users only.

  • The biggest threat to the Intranet information would be where the user selected the password and username to be remembered, without password protection on the desktop or laptop.

  • It is advisable to NEVER remember passwords on an Intranet, or only when the laptop / desktop has a secure username/password login.

  • Network security threats – protective firewall software filters information entering via the internet.

Intranet security against internal threats

Level authentication: User rights according are customised according to your company’s needs. Logins are set according to user rights. This means that administrators, managers and data capturers will only see the sections they should be able to see. Eg In the procurement module - A person without authority to make purchases will not be allowed to do so.

Access is granted per module, even though all modules can be integrated ie a person could have full access in the document management module, but only basic access in the leave application module.



Intoweb does not disclose the clients information to a third party, does not copy any information and protects client information as far as reasonably possible using secure VPNs. Intoweb cannot control instances where company users are negligent and allow incorrect access to their users or external participants. Administrators are trained in how to grant access to the company’s users and should be aware of what each each access level’s implications are.

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