Multi-Branch, Multi-Departmental purchase request system with dynamic authorisation workflows integrated with budgets.

Supplier Management
Manage your suppliers in an efficient manner, keep complete records, record all interactions and ratifications of suppliers.

Quotations / Invoices
Create quotations and invoices and manage all aspects of the selling process.

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Dynamic Reporting system

The Dynamic Reporting system allows data to be read from any one database and presented in either a chart or table format. Charts available are: Pie, Bar, Line, Trending, scatter, bubble, vector, area, waterfall, finance, and polar charts.


  • Synthesize Charts using Layers:
    Layering architecture enables you to synthesize the charts you want using standard chart layers.

  • Comprehensive Chart Types:
    Pie, donut, bar, line, step, trend, curve-fitting, area, scatter, bubble, box-whisker, finance, Gantt, vector, polar, radar, rose ... Even includes meters and gauges.

  • Unparalleled Customizability:
    Object oriented API allows you to customize every chart details.

  • Markup Text Support:
    Embed icons and use multiple fonts and colours in the same piece of text. Decorate your charts with professionally looking text and labels.

  • AJAX Enabled User Interactions:
    Full suite of mouse events for chart objects. Pop-up tool tips, drill-down, drag to zoom, drag to scroll.

  • Meters and Gauges:
    Angular meters of arbitrary angular span. Linear meters in horizontal and vertical orientations.

  • Advanced Colour System:
    All objects are painted using configurable "colour brushes", supporting ARGB colours (true colour with alpha transparency), pattern colours (wallpaper), gradients, metallic colours, and threshold colours (colours that depend on data values).



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