Enterprise Intranet
Manage your company efficiently at any size using software which streamlines and formalises tasks, administration and information

Membership Management
Created for enterprises to efficiently manage membership details including contact details and financial

Workflow Management
Create and follow the processes needed in your company, tthe Workflow software accurately helps to show the flow and efficiency of processes.


MOBI Intranets

Mobit intranets enable you to be able to work remotely as long as you have data

The intranets are placed as a responsive site, allowing you to carry on with your responsibilities even though you are not around a desktop, or laptop.

Mobi intranets contain the same information as a tablet or desktop and allow you easy visibility to find the information.

Information shown as more usable and responsive with the screen size

Security access is still needed fo login, meaning htat should your phone or mobile device get stolen or lost, the access to the Intranet is still securely controlled. 

All the Intoweb ERP /Intranet solutions are mobi friendly and can be used worldwide, with your security access and an internet connection

As a business, clients expect you to be online nad accessible, and it is a show of good client service to be able to access your information whil away from the desktop or laptop. 

Mobi friendly intranets are costed according to the module and customisation needed, and accessible on all mobile devices with an Internet App. 

Here are some examples of what you can do on your mobi intranet

  • Apply for leave, accept employees leave. Manage the Leave of your staff
  • Clock in to the Time and Attendance module
  • Draw reports on the modules
  • Add information to teh CMS, contacts module and DMS
  • Add projects for employees, select your own tasks to do 
  • Learner online training and assessments - you can access thsi as a student or adminsitrator. 
  • Allocate tasks to resources, manage your projects
  • Add information in to the calendar for meetings, follow up on the information given on the calendar